Article 1 – Organization Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer is affiliated under the Djupvik / Nordmannvik Bygdehus Organisation number: 996892980

Article 2 – Definitions SKYRUNNING – The discipline of mountain running, where the slope exceeds 30%, and the climbing difficulty does not exceed the II grade. Running poles and hands may be used to help progress. The course may use paths or trails of sand, rock or snow (asphalt less than 15%).

VERTICAL KILOMETER® – It is a discipline of Skyrunning which consists of a rise of 1000 meters with a significant slope and that does not exceed 5 km of linear extension. The Vertical Kilometer is divided into three altitude levels (ranging from ± 200 meters), from 0- 1000 m, 1000-2000 and 2000 to 3000 meters, with a tolerance of 5%. 2/21

Article 3 – Participation – Requirements and general information. The races are open to all those interested, according to what is established in this regulation.

To register to the SVK 1100m / 7.8km it is necessary to be over 16 years and be in good physical condition to undertake such an athletic event.

Correctly register for the race by completing the registration form, as well as the payment of the race you will be participating in.

Article 4 – The participants must respect the environment in which they are participating and keep the environment clean. All packages of consumed products or other residues done by the athletes must be placed in proper containers. Non-observance of this rule implies the immediate disqualification of the athlete. This can be done by a simple testimony of any member of the race organization.

Participants will be responsible for any damages caused to third parties and any damages resulting thereof. At crossing points that the organization deem appropriate for security reasons, there will be members of the organization. There will also be medical services/first aid available at the start and finish and communication between race officials on the race route.

Ensure that before the race you have acquired a real capacity for self-sufficiency, allowing for the management of problems resulting from this type of race, in particular, adverse weather conditions: wind, cold, fog, rain or snow.

Article 5 – The participants must be aware of the distance and the particularities of the race and be sufficiently trained for this. The participants will have to know how to face physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, amongst others; having the awareness that it is not the organization’s responsibility to help a participant overcome these problems and that this depends mainly on their ability to adapt to situations arising from this type of race.

It is totally forbidden to receive help or any type of articles outside the route of the race, with the exception of points defined by the organization. Likewise it is prohibited to run accompanied by persons that are not registered as athletes in the race.

The race bibs will be delivered on a date and location to be announced by the organization. The check-in and collection of the kit with the material provided by the organization should preferably be done by the athlete himself.

The race bibs must be used in the front at all times of the race, in a visible place, and cannot be cut, folded or modified. Non compliance with this rule lead to immediate disqualification of the athlete. Along the route of the race, athletes have to follow the instructions of the members of the organization. Non-compliance with this rule will result in immediate disqualification of the athlete.

During the race, any athlete who abandons the race is obliged to inform the organization. Athletes must carry all the required material set by the organization.

Article 6 – Registration is personal and non-transferable and presumes the acceptance of all the rules established by the organization, in the regulation and in other additional instructions. The registration must be done exclusively through the web page, by filling out the registration form and paying the respective registration value.

Registrations will only be accepted after payment of the respective fee. ● Payment must be made through the ATM with the reference assigned at the time of registration, by credit card.

After payment confirmation, the name shall appear on the participants list.

The registration period will take place until the July 26 2017.

Prices: Priser for løp:

  • Storhaugen: 400 kr
  • Storhaugen Trim 230 kr
  • Storhaugen Trim Junior 80 kr
  • Dalberget, konkurranse: 280 kr
  • Dalberget, trim: 180 kr
  • Dalberget, Junior: 70 kr
  • Barneløp: gratis

Article 7 – This way the registration period is conditioned by the number of athletes who register up to a maximum of vacancies for each event. Once that number of athletes exceeds the limit of vacancies, a waiting list will be created to fill up potential vacancies due to withdrawals that might occur until the expiry date of the payment.

The organization reserves the right to accept extra entries, in the case of existing logistical conditions to exceed the number of entries set.

The organization reserves the right to exclude from the race, even before it starts, any participant who, through his/her behavior, conditions the management and/or the proper functioning of the race. If this occurs, the athlete will not be refunded.

Article 8 – Alteration, cancellation and refund of the fee. The cancellation must be requested by email to

Cancellations will not be accepted by phone.

In case of cancellation of the race for reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as weather alerts, disaster or widespread conflicts that prevent the race to be held or any other reasons the organization considers valid, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded, if claimed until 90 days after the date of the event, except amounts paid for extras.

Article 9 – Required and recommended equipment

The required equipment is part of the safety requirements in order to participate in the event and participants must have the equipment in their possession during the race.

Participants must cooperate voluntarily with the organization in the verification process, otherwise the participant will be disqualified.

Required equipment for all races except Mini SKY RUN. Suitable mountain running shoes, mobile phone, windproof jacket, hat.
Recommended Material In accordance with the weather conditions, we also recommend to take the following gear: Gloves; Cap/Beanie/Scarf/Bandana; Clothing that covers limbs; Sunglasses; Sunscreen cream; Running poles – Whoever chooses to take running poles must start the competition with it and must present it on arrival.

Article 10 – The checkpoints are mandatory points and are located in places defined by the organization. In each of these controls will be a responsible person of the organization. Check points info will provided at the pre race meeting.

Not controlling in one or more checkpoints will lead to the disqualification of the participant.

The participants will use an electronic timing control system, supplied by the organization.

There will be a refreshment at the finish line only. If refreshment is needed on route then each participant must carry their own water / food.

The contact number of the organization, for emergency purposes, will be printed on the race bib of the participant and should also be recorded in advance on the participant’s mobile phone.

There will be first aid positioned in some checkpoints. It is essential that participants help any person in distress and alert the nearest control post or contact the organization through its given emergency number. Not assisting an athlete in an emergency situation will result in immediate disqualification and inhibition of participating in future events.

Do not forget that, due to problems associated with topography and difficulty of access to certain areas, you may need to wait for the assistance longer than anticipated. Thus, the primarily safety of athletes depends basically on the quality of the gear and equipment they have.

Participants must abide by the decisions of the specialized medical personnel.

An athlete who has sought medical help is subject to the authority of the medical personnel and agrees with their decisions. The medical teams have the right to: o Disqualify an athlete (removing his race bib) if they consider the athlete unfit to proceed in the race; o Hospitalize an athlete whose state of health so requires; o Evacuate, by all means available, an athlete whose health is considered to be in danger. Costs of the rescue or evacuation, in addition to which is in the insurance coverage as informed by the organization, shall be borne by the rescued person.

In case of bad weather (large amounts of rain or snow at altitude, strong winds, and storms) and following the decision of the jury of the race, the organization reserves the right to change the start times, the route, and the time limits.

On the race day: o In case of bad weather, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to modify the time limits and/or suspend, reduce, neutralize or stop the race. There will be no right to reimbursement.

During the race: o In the case of potentially dangerous weather conditions for participants, the organization can stop the race. In this case the runner when reaching a checkpoint/refreshment station, should follow the instructions given by the members of the organization and will be required to fulfill them.

The check-in and collection of the kit with the material provided by the organization should preferably be done by the athlete himself. If it is not possible for the athlete to collect their kit, it may be another person, but it will only be given upon presentation of the appropriate authorization (Form C) duly completed and signed, and the presentation of the documents requested therein. This form can be downloaded from the race website.

Article 11 – Safety – Security Posts will be placed at various points along the route of the race. Members of the organization present in these posts will be in constant contact with the control center. A medical team will be present at some checkpoints/refreshment stations and will be able to intervene with all the appropriate means.


It is important that each athlete provides assistance to any person who is in danger and requests immediate assistance to the organization. Any problem should be reported to the organization or at the nearest checkpoint. ● If you are not able to contact the organization of the race, then you should contact the emergency number 112.

There will be a souvenir for all athletes who are classified (as Finishers) in the SVK

There will be awards for the first three (3) classified in each category, Male and Female;

Cumulatively there will be monetary prizes to be awarded according to the legal terms, for the first and second rounds of the SVK.

Alle som deltar får medaljer.