Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer

Storhaugen Lyngen Fjord – 1124m ascent
3.9 km timed ascent section
3.9 km timed descent section

Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer ascends 1124m vertical in 3.9 km. This is a timed ascent and a timed descent race. Total 7.8km

The race begins at 25m altitude from the village of Djupvik on the Lyngen Fjord following a birch tree forest trail that leads to the first spectacular fjord view point of Hammasletta. From here the forest is left behind and the terrain steepens where technical rock scrambling sections lead to the long open rocky slopes to reach the dramatic summit of Storhaugen at 1124m altitude.

Prepare to be stunned at the summit by dramatic tooth shaped mountains to the west rising directly from the Lyngen fjord and to the east the reindeer plateaus and to the north the deep open ocean stretching uninterrupted towards icy Greenland.

A truly spectacular race in a unique Arctic environment.